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    Polish Tourist Attacked in Rome’s San Lorenzo District, Police Hunt for Assailant

    In a harrowing incident in Rome’s bustling San Lorenzo district, a young Polish tourist was stabbed in the hand during a robbery attempt. The event has sparked outrage and calls for increased safety measures in the popular nightlife area.

    Italian media have circulated a video showing the terrified woman, wounded and bleeding from her hand, following the attack. The footage was shared by local residents campaigning for the restoration of public order and safety in San Lorenzo. “Wild West” is how the daily “La Repubblica” described the district, emphasizing the lawlessness that plagues the area.

    The incident occurred when an assailant attempted to steal the tourist’s handbag. Armed with a pocket knife, the attacker cut the strap of her bag. However, the woman resisted, clutching her bag tightly, prompting the assailant to stab her finger before fleeing the scene. Nearby pedestrians quickly came to her aid, offering first aid as she sat on the sidewalk, visibly shaken and in tears.

    The police are currently searching for the perpetrator. This attack highlights the ongoing issue of foreign tourists being targeted for theft and assault in Rome, particularly on public transportation.

    Earlier this year, officials from the Polish consulate in Rome reported receiving numerous complaints from Polish tourists about theft. The consulate continues to monitor the situation closely, urging travelers to remain vigilant.

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