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    Polish Women Secure Best-Ever 4×100 Relay Result

    Poland’s 4x100m relay team etched their names into the annals of track and field history with their exceptional performance at the recent world championships. The quartet of Pia Skrzyszowska, Kryscina Cimanowska, Magdalena Stefanowicz, and Ewa Swoboda left an indelible mark on the track as they secured a fifth-place finish, marking their best result ever in this highly competitive event.

    The nail-biting final was a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring dramatic changes in the leaderboard. Once thought to be contenders for the podium, the Dutch and Ivorian teams faltered at a crucial moment, dropping out of the medal race after a single baton exchange. 

    Ultimately, the Polish team clinched fifth place, a historic achievement that sent waves of pride throughout the nation. This accomplishment marks the pinnacle of success for the Polish 4×100 meters relay team.

    The gold medal might have been elusive for the Polish athletes, but the United States’ victory was a triumph in its own right. The American women blazed a trail to the finish line in a stunning 41.03 seconds, obliterating the world championship record and reaffirming their dominance in the relay event. Jamaica secured a well-deserved second place, clocking in at 41.21 seconds, while Great Britain’s swift exchange of the baton earned them the third spot with a time of 41.97 seconds.

    Notably, even though the Polish women narrowly missed out on a podium finish, their 42.49-second run secured a commendable fifth place. 

    “The Polish 4×100 meters relay team composed of Pia Skrzyszowska, Kryscina Cimanowska, Magdalena Stefanowicz, and Ewa Swoboda finished the final in fifth place. This is the best place in the history of starts at the world championships!”

    TVP Sport wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

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