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    Poll Shows Polish View that War in Ukraine Poses a Security Risk

    A new survey has revealed that a staggering 76% of Poles feel threatened by the war in Ukraine. The survey, which questioned 1,000 people, found that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is a cause of great insecurity for Poles.

    A recent poll conducted by the CBOS found that 76 percent of respondents believe the war is endangering their country’s security, a 3 per cent increase from February. In contrast, only 17 percent felt the war was not a threat.

    ‘Ukraine should stand firm against Russia,’ says new poll

    It has revealed a decrease in the number of people who believe the war will spread to other countries and those who think it will not escalate. According to the survey, 28 percent of respondents felt the conflict would extend beyond its current borders, a one percentage point drop compared to the last poll. Additionally, 41 percent of those surveyed felt the fight would not become more intense, a decrease of one per cent from the previous survey.

    A majority of those surveyed believe that Ukraine should stand firm against Russia, according to the results of a survey released today. 56 percent of respondents said that Ukraine should not make any concessions to Russia, a decrease of 8 percentage points from the November 2022 survey.

    Poles in favour of accepting Ukrainian refugees

    A recent survey revealed that 30 percent of respondents believe the war in Ukraine should end even if the country has to sacrifice part of its territorial integrity or independence. This is an increase of 6 percentage points compared to November 2022.

    According to a survey conducted by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CBOS), the majority of Poles are in favour of accepting Ukrainian refugees from areas affected by war. A total of 83 percent of respondents answered positively, while only 11 per cent responded negatively. 34per cent said “definitely yes”, 49 percent said “rather yes”, 4 percent said “definitely not” and 7 percent said, “rather not”.

    Poles want Ukraine to join EU, NATO ‘as soon as possible’ – poll

    According to the survey, 49 percent of Poles believe Ukraine should join European Union and 53 percent said the country should become a member of NATO “as soon as possible.”

    A survey has also revealed that a majority of Poles believe Ukraine should join both the European Union and NATO. 49 percent of Poles surveyed said Ukraine should join the European Union, while 53 percent said the country should join NATO “as soon as possible.” The survey found that support for Ukraine was particularly strong among younger Poles.

    A poll conducted from March 6-16 on a sample of 993 randomly chosen Poles has revealed new insight into the nation’s opinion.


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