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    ‘Potential Government’ Threatens State Broadcaster Amid Political Turmoil

    Amidst the current political landscape, concerns are rising over the fate of state-owned broadcaster TVP if the opposition party assumes power, warned Marcin Mastalerek, the head of the President’s Cabinet, during a radio interview on Thursday.

    Opposition figures have long criticized TVP, accusing it of serving as a mouthpiece for the ruling Law and Justice party, essentially functioning as a propaganda tool. Mastalerek’s comments came in response to recent developments where the centrist Civic Coalition (KO) indicated its willingness to form a coalition government with the Third Way and the New Left, should they come into power.

    Mastalerek expressed apprehension, suggesting that such a government might target TVP as an act of retribution, potentially jeopardizing the very principles of the rule of law that the opposition claims to champion. He remarked, “We will see if the people who once championed the rule of law will violate it. If the opposition manages to form a government, there are individuals keen on seeking revenge, and they will spare no effort to gain control of TVP.”

    This brewing political tension has led Mastalerek to label the prospective alliance as “the Coalition of Civic Vengeance,” highlighting the contentious atmosphere surrounding the future of media institutions in the event of a change in government. The situation remains fluid, with many closely watching how these political dynamics will unfold in the coming days.


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