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    Premiere of “The Cold Truth”: A Documentary Exposing Climate Controversies

    We are excited to invite you to the exclusive premiere of the groundbreaking documentary “The Cold Truth” (“Zimna prawda” – ed.), airing this Sunday at 8:00 PM on Telewizja Republika.

    This provocative film explores the intimidating tactics used against those who dare to question the prevailing climate emergency narrative. “The Cold Truth” delves into rigorous scientific research and official data that expose the actions of pseudo-ecological organizations as manufactured fears. The documentary also investigates the origins of the trend in funding climate research and the emergence of a multi-trillion-dollar climate industry.

    Prepare to be informed about how science is being compromised and individual freedom is under threat.

    Join us for the airing of “The Cold Truth” followed by a live debate where these pressing issues will be discussed further.

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