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    Preservation Efforts Underway for 17th Century Iconostasis Found in Nowoberezowo

    An exceptional discovery of a 17th-century iconostasis in Nowoberezowo, Poland, has sparked preservation efforts led by specialists from the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń. The intricacies of this conservation pose significant challenges.

    Discovery and Significance

    In October last year, researchers from the Institute of Art at the Polish Academy of Sciences uncovered this treasure trove within the attic of St. John the Theologian’s Church. Comprising 17 elements, the iconostasis stands as the oldest of its kind in the region, akin to finding an El Greco painting in Mazovia.

    Challenges in Conservation

    Deterioration plagues the delicate woodwork and paintings, necessitating immediate action. Dr. Magdalena Iwanicka, director of the conservation center, notes the extensive damage and emphasizes the meticulous approach required for restoration.

    Methodical Restoration

    Led by Prof. Jacek Stachera, the conservation team faces a daunting task. Cleaning reveals layers of intricate artwork, some rendered nearly unrecognizable by time and neglect. Each square inch demands careful attention, with techniques varying based on the painting medium.

    Future Prospects

    Despite the urge to reconstruct, Dr. Iwanicka advocates for patience. A comprehensive documentation and analysis phase will precede any restoration decisions, preserving the authenticity and historical value of the artwork.


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