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    President Duda Denounces Political Motivations Behind EU Funding Blockade

    During a press conference in Vilnius, President Andrzej Duda of Poland expressed his belief that the withholding of EU funds, known as KPO, was a politically motivated move aimed at influencing a change in Poland’s leadership. Duda highlighted the comments of former Prime Minister Leszek Miller, who asserted that key figures in the European People’s Party (EPP) were supportive of Donald Tusk, suggesting a vested interest in his electoral success.

    EU Funding and Political Maneuvering

    President Duda emphasized the perceived connection between Tusk’s victory and the potential unlocking of KPO funds. He acknowledged that if the funds were indeed released, they would be beneficial for Poland. However, he underscored his commitment to resisting any attempts at judicial vetting, asserting that judges appointed during his presidency should not face unwarranted scrutiny or persecution.

    Duda revealed his refusal to allow the verification or harassment of judges who had undergone proper procedures during his term. He condemned what he described as a faction within Poland seeking political revenge on these judges, vowing to protect their full judicial status.

    President Duda labeled it a “purely political action” intended to pressure Poland into a change of government. The ongoing developments, according to him, validate this perspective.

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