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    President Duda Joins G7, NATO, and EU Leaders for Urgent Talks

    President Duda joins G7, NATO, and EU leaders in discussions on Ukraine crisis and global security.

    In a significant development on October 3, 2023, President Andrzej Duda of Poland participated in a one-hour teleconference initiated by U.S. President Joe Biden. This virtual meeting brought together leaders from the Group of Seven (G7), NATO, and the European Union to discuss critical issues of global security and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

    President Duda highlighted the collective determination to support Ukraine, emphasizing the need for both military and humanitarian assistance. President Biden commended Poland and its NATO allies for their responsible actions in response to provocations from Belarus, particularly the recent border-crossing incident involving Belarusian helicopters.

    During the discussion, President Duda underscored Poland’s pivotal role in aiding Ukraine. The main topics of conversation revolved around security concerns and the future plans for Ukraine’s reconstruction.

    President Duda also acknowledged the unprecedented strength of Polish-American relations and expressed that one of Poland’s priorities during its EU presidency in 2025 would be enhancing Euro-Atlantic bonds.

    He reminded the attendees that, since the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016, the United States has been a framework nation for NATO’s presence in Poland. Additionally, bilateral agreements have stationed U.S. troops in Poland, including areas near Rzeszow in the Podkarpackie region, as a response to Russian aggression, further enhancing security in the region.

    The teleconference served as a testament to the solidarity among G7, NATO, and EU leaders in addressing global security challenges, with a particular focus on Ukraine. Poland’s active involvement and its strong alliance with the United States underscore the commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region.

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