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    President Signs Amendment to Support Mortgage Borrowers

    Poland extends mortgage support, lowers eligibility criteria, and suspends loan repayments to aid borrowers and promote social housing.

    President Andrzej Duda of the Republic of Poland has signed a significant amendment to the law aimed at supporting mortgage borrowers facing financial difficulties.

    Changes in Mortgage Support
    The amendment extends the period of protective measures such as mortgage payment holidays and enhances the utilization of funds from the Borrower Support Fund.

    Adjustments in Eligibility Criteria
    The revised law lowers the debt-to-income ratio threshold for borrower support and increases the income limit for accessing assistance. Additionally, the support period is extended from 36 to 40 months, with a raise in maximum support to 3000 PLN and an elongation of repayment period to 200 installments.

    Extension of Mortgage Holidays
    The amendment prolongs mortgage payment holidays until the end of 2024, with specific criteria for eligibility, including a maximum loan amount and income-to-debt ratio.

    Support for Social Housing Investors
    It also extends support for social housing investors by suspending loan repayments, provided certain conditions are met.

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