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    Presidential Couple Honors Mothers on Mother’s Day

    On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the Polish Presidential Couple, Agata Kornhauser-Duda and Andrzej Duda, expressed their heartfelt gratitude and admiration for mothers. In a message shared by the Presidential Office, they emphasized the unique significance of this day, which celebrates the profound gifts that mothers bestow upon their children: life, love, acceptance, and complete devotion.

    Mothers as Life’s Teachers

    Highlighting the pivotal role mothers play in shaping future generations, the First Lady and the President praised them as “teachers of life.” They acknowledged that it is through the dedication of mothers that children learn to respect others, embrace the highest values, and cultivate empathy, freedom, wisdom, and dignity. Mothers not only introduce their children to the world but also teach them how to navigate it.

    In their message, the Presidential Couple described mothers as pillars of support and patience, offering help during tough times and steadfastly guiding their children. They extended their deepest thanks to all mothers for their tireless efforts in raising children to become good people and responsible citizens, deserving of the highest recognition.

    Wishes for Joy and Fulfillment

    The Presidential Couple concluded their message with warm wishes for mothers. They expressed their hope that mothers experience happiness and fulfillment in their daily lives, that their efforts bear fruitful results, and that their homes are always filled with gratitude and love. They wished mothers success in all their endeavors and joy from each day.

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