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    Presidential Visit to American Częstochowa Announced

    Presidential couple to visit American Częstochowa for monument unveiling, honoring post-1945 independence efforts and Solidarity movement.

    In a candid conversation, Antoniak renewed the invitation for the presidential couple to visit American Częstochowa, the spiritual capital of the Polish diaspora, for the unveiling of a monument dedicated to the post-1945 struggle for independence, including the Solidarity movement. This project is part of the Smolensk-Katyń Committee’s efforts.

    Confirmation of Attendance

    The presidential couple confirmed their intention to visit American Częstochowa to meet with the Polish community and unveil the monument. Agata Kornhauser-Duda also mentioned to Tadeusz Antoniak that she discussed the matter with the Provincial of the Pauline Fathers, Father Krzysztof Wieliczko, the previous day.

    Historical Context

    The first historic visit of a Polish head of state to American Częstochowa took place in 2016 when President Andrzej Duda unveiled a monument dedicated to the Cursed Soldiers, created by the Praszczyk family. This project was also initiated by the Smolensk-Katyń Committee, which includes organizations like the Gazeta Polska Clubs, the Family of Radio Maryja, KPA, CPA, and others.

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