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    Prime Minister Morawiecki Affirms Unwavering Commitment to Serving Poland Beyond Political Transitions

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki delivered a poignant address to the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, asserting that the commitment to serve Poland is an enduring dedication that transcends any political outcome.

    Addressing the parliament in what is anticipated to be his final speech before a crucial confidence vote later that day, which is widely expected to result in the dissolution of his Law and Justice government, Morawiecki emphasized the timeless nature of the pledge to serve the nation.

    “In public office, one’s tenure may be of varying duration, but the commitment to serve Poland is a pledge for eternity,” Morawiecki declared.

    Despite the looming prospect of a confidence vote defeat, the Prime Minister outlined the government’s envisioned policies for the future while also spotlighting the accomplishments of his tenure.

    “The vision I present today is a blueprint for Poland’s future—a nation that we can take pride in, one that is characterized by ambition, and maturity, and becomes the envy of others,” he asserted.

    Expressing an unwavering determination, Morawiecki concluded, “For me, pursuing a better Poland is an ongoing journey that extends into the future and knows no end.


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