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    Prosecutor Attempts to Enter KRS Building: Upholding Judicial Integrity

    This morning, a prosecutor accompanied by four police officers attempted to enter the National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) building, reportedly in connection with files of the Disciplinary Representatives of Common Courts, niezalezna. pl reports. This move follows a complaint from Judge Włodzimierz Brazewicz, appointed by Minister Adam Bodnar, demanding access to case files which the KRS has withheld due to the allegedly flawed appointment process of the ad hoc spokesperson.

    KRS Chairwoman Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka highlighted the concerning nature of this intrusion, noting its occurrence during the leadership’s absence. “I just received information that the National Prosecutor’s Office is in the office of the National Council of the Judiciary and wants to enter Judge Piotr Schab’s office. I’m heading to the office,” she posted on X.

    Justice Ministry’s “Ad Hoc” Appointments Spark Controversy and Accusations of Targeted Actions

    In February 2024, the Minister of Justice appointed 15 “ad hoc” disciplinary spokespersons. This appointment effectively sidelined the existing disciplinary representatives, Piotr Schab and his deputies, Przemysław Radzik and Michał Lasota, from these cases, transferring authority to those newly appointed by the Minister.

    Piotr Schab has criticized the Ministry’s actions as being targeted and protective of judges affiliated with influential associations, perceived by the Ministry as defenders of democracy and rule of law. The Ministry, in turn, accused Schab and his deputies of failing to keep them informed about all disciplinary proceedings.

    Judicial Independence at Risk Amid Ministerial Appointments

    The National Council of the Judiciary has taken this issue to the Constitutional Tribunal to scrutinize the legality of the Minister’s appointments. As this constitutional review unfolds, the integrity and independence of Poland’s judiciary remain at stake, amidst concerns of increasing political interference.


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