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    Quick-Witted 91-Year-Old Foils Scammers Impersonating Police Officers

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    A 91-year-old woman from Rybnik County, Poland, demonstrated remarkable wit and courage when she thwarted a trio of scammers posing as law enforcement officers. Despite repeated warnings from authorities about phone scams, these criminals often succeed, but not this time.

    The scheme began when a female caller, pretending to be a police officer from a detective bureau, contacted the elderly lady on her landline. The imposter manipulated the woman, convincing her that her bank savings were in danger. She ordered the senior citizen to withdraw 30,000 Polish Zlotys ($7,800) from her bank account the next day.

    Turning the Tables

    The fake officer continued to maintain contact, both on the landline and the senior’s mobile phone, while instructing her to go to the bank. However, instead of following the criminal’s commands, the wise senior headed straight to the Gaszowice Police Station.

    The local police, with support from Rybnik’s investigators, set up an ambush for the scammers, who arrived to collect the money. In the vicinity of the senior’s residence, they apprehended two teenagers, aged 15 and 17, as well as a 21-year-old man.

    The two young culprits hail from Warsaw and its environs, while the eldest suspect is a citizen of Tajikistan. The underage individuals have been placed in a juvenile shelter by the Rybnik Family Court.

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