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    Record interest in the Clean Air renovation programme

    In the first six months of 2023, Poles submitted as many as 101,173 applications under the Clean Air Programme, demonstrating the growing interest in this renovation programme. Comparing these figures with the whole of 2022, where 158,000 applications were registered, one can see a dynamic increase in interest. What is attracting Poles to participate in the programme? The answer lies in the changes introduced by the government in January this year.

    The Clean Air Programme enables you to benefit from subsidies of up to PLN 136 200 for renovating and thermo-modernising your home. This allows you to replace non-ecological heat sources with more environmentally friendly ones and carry out a comprehensive thermo-modernisation. The end result is a reduction in heating costs, an improvement in the energy efficiency of the home and a reduction in harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

    Many Poles decide to carry out renovations during the summer, when they have more free time. For them, the Clean Air Programme becomes the ideal tool to make positive changes to their homes. Insulating a building, installing photovoltaic panels and replacing a faulty cooker with a more efficient one are just some of the possibilities offered by the programme.

    The Minister for Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa, emphasises that the Clean Air programme is gaining increasing recognition among Polish families. Since its introduction by the Law and Justice government, more than 635,000 families have already taken advantage of the programme. This proves that Poles are becoming increasingly committed to environmental protection and are willing to take initiatives to improve air quality.

    The record number of applications submitted this year is particularly noticeable in the Podkarpackie, Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Mazowieckie, Wielkopolskie and Świętokrzyskie voivodeships. For example, in Podkarpacie, 7861 applications were submitted last year under the Clean Air Programme, and in the first half of 2023 already 7181 applications were submitted. This demonstrates the growing interest in the renovation programme in regions where the problem of smog and poor air quality is particularly acute.

    Applications submitted under the programme go to the provincial environmental protection and water management funds. Given the current pace of applications, a record number of applications can be expected this year. The Clean Air Programme is becoming a symbol of Poles’ involvement in the fight against smog and a reason for improving the quality of life in our country.

    Clean Air is an investment in the future that brings not only environmental, but also economic benefits. The programme makes it possible to lower heating bills, reduce emissions and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Therefore, regardless of the size of the renovation, it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities available and contribute to creating a cleaner and healthier space for us all.

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