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    Reinforced Security in Warsaw: Police and FBI Conduct Anti-Terrorism Drills

    Residents of Warsaw are being warned of an anti-terrorism exercise planned for Monday by the Government Security Centre. In preparation, citizens are urged to prepare for communication difficulties and follow all instructions of the security services. An SMS alert has been sent out to alert citizens of the impending drill.

    Residents of Warsaw were alerted by the Government Security Centre on Monday morning via SMS. The message warned of anti-terrorist police exercises in the city that evening, which may cause communication difficulties. The exercises, dubbed ‘Wolf-Ram-23’, were also shared on the Centre’s official Twitter page, along with instructions to remain calm and follow any instructions given by the services.

    A communiqué on anti-terrorist exercises in Warsaw was also issued by the capital’s metro.

    “On the night of 17-18 April, between 19:00 and 4:00, exercises will be held at the two metro stations Stare Bielany and the National Stadium, the aim of which is to test and improve the skills of state, city and carrier services in responding to emergency situations. The exercise is organised by the Police Headquarters together with the Weapons of Mass Destruction Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The exercises will be conducted in two episodes: No. 1 at the Stare Bielany station and episode No. 2 at the National Stadium station,”

    reads the communiqué.

    In connection with the exercises, it is necessary to prepare for the switching off of Line 1 of the underground on the Plac Wilsona – Młociny section and the omission of the Stadion Narodowy station on Line 2 of the underground.

    Warsaw Public Transport and the City Hall will keep you informed about changes in traffic organisation.

    The police stress that the main objective of the exercises is to respond to the police in the event of a crisis situation in the form of a terrorist attack related to a chemical, biological, radiation or nuclear threat.

    “The exercises will last until Wednesday 19 April, and individual episodes will cover the area of other provinces with their coverage,” was announced by Insp. Mariusz Ciarka, spokesman for the police commander in chief.

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