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    Reintroducing Sunday Trade Requires Thoughtful Planning, Says Retail Employers’ Association

    The Polish Trade and Services Employers’ Association (ZPPHiU) has called for a carefully designed approach to reintroducing Sunday trade. General Director Zofia Morbiato emphasized that Sunday working hours should be shorter than before the 2018 ban.

    Adjusted Sunday Hours

    ZPPHiU proposes limited Sunday opening hours, suggesting an eight-hour day to meet consumer needs while avoiding extreme morning and evening hours. This approach would also help reduce the costs of services like security and cleaning in shopping centers.

    According to Morbiato, consumer habits have evolved, making it unnecessary to maintain the lengthy Sunday hours of the past. She pointed out that shopping centers did not reduce shared costs or rents for tenants after the Sunday trade ban, so a return to Sunday trading should not involve price hikes.

    Proposals to relax the Sunday trade ban are being considered. Suggested measures include allowing limited Sunday trading and ensuring fair compensation for employees working on Sundays. These changes aim to balance consumer demand with employee welfare and operational costs.

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