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    Residents Assured of State Support as Sinkhole Threat Looms in Trzebinia

    The governor of Malopolska province, located in southern Poland, has offered reassurance to the residents of Trzebinia, a town currently facing the ominous threat of sinkholes. As a result of historical mining activities in the area, several sinkholes have emerged in recent weeks, with the town’s local cemetery even witnessing the unfortunate collapse of around 50 graves in September 2022.

    The Polish Geological Institute has identified nearly 500 sites in the Trzebinia region that are at risk of sinkhole formation, with 38 of them located within a mere 20-meter distance from built-up areas.

    Governor Lukasz Kmita of Malopolska, in an effort to allay public concerns, has emphasized that the state stands firmly behind the affected residents, assuring them of support. He further highlighted that the Mine Reconstruction Agency (SRK), along with other relevant agencies, is actively taking measures to stabilize the situation and prevent the occurrence of additional sinkholes.

    “The state, in collaboration with various services and institutions, is fully committed to resolving this issue,” Governor Kmita affirmed, emphasizing the responsibility of the state in addressing the problem.

    Additionally, Kmita acknowledged that Trzebinia has been grappling with the issue of sinkholes for a considerable period, tracing its origins back to the closure of a local mine at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Piotr Bojarski, the president of SRK, provided updates on the ongoing efforts to tackle the situation, revealing that geologists have already surveyed approximately 80 hectares of land. Bojarski reiterated the findings of scientific experts, stating that residential buildings are not under immediate threat, and dangerous areas have been appropriately marked for precautionary measures.

    The combined determination of government bodies and geological experts in Poland seeks to alleviate the concerns of Trzebinia’s residents and mitigate the potential risks posed by sinkholes. With state support and ongoing efforts to stabilize the situation, it is hoped that the town can soon find respite from this longstanding challenge.


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