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    Restoration Project: Bialystok University Revives Historic Armored Car

    In a collaborative effort between Bialystok University specialists and the local Museum of the Army, a vintage armored car, FAI-M, has undergone a remarkable restoration, bringing it back to its original glory. This unique piece of history, dating back to the late 1920s, has been preserved for future generations to admire and study. The restored vehicle is set to be on display in the museum’s Military Park come spring.

    A Treasure Unearthed
    The FAI-M armored car, once serving as a makeshift shelter in a village near Bialystok, has been part of the university’s collection since the 1980s. It is an authentic Soviet relic from the late 1920s, representing a significant piece of military history and one of the few remaining of its kind in the world.

    A Meticulous Restoration Process
    Thanks to a successful collaboration between the Museum of the Army and Bialystok University, the vehicle has been painstakingly restored to its original condition over several months. The unveiling of the restored car took place this week, with further plans for its ongoing restoration, including locating original chassis and missing elements.

    A Symbol of Collaboration and Preservation
    The restoration of the FAI-M represents yet another successful partnership between the museum and the university, following the renovation of an LIM-5 jet fighter. This endeavor not only revives an important historical artifact but also fosters academic cooperation.

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