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    Revolutionary Polymer Processing Machine Unveiled by Researchers at Lublin University of Technology

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    In a groundbreaking development, scientists from Lublin University of Technology in Poland have unveiled a cutting-edge machine for processing plastics and creating new products from recycled polymer materials. The team, led by Professor Tomasz Klepka, showcased their achievements during a meeting with entrepreneurs in Lublin.

    Innovative Machine Construction

    The machine, constructed from scratch at the university’s Department of Polymer Technology and Processing, enables the creation of innovative material compositions incorporating a significant proportion of post-production waste such as sand or construction dust.

    Versatile Applications

    Prof. Klepka explained, “Our goal is for the machine to give a second life to waste from construction or agriculture.” The device’s features allow for increased additive content in manufactured materials, enhancing or reducing elasticity as desired.

    International Recognition

    The flagship concept involves producing synthetic stone—polymer aggregate—capable of being uniformly colored or designed with drainage holes to absorb and release water as needed.

    The researchers emphasized the machine’s capacity to produce consistent products under controlled conditions, facilitating repeatable and valuable research for entrepreneurs.

    While the demonstration featured a circular-head device, Prof. Klepka clarified that the machine can accommodate various shapes, including strips, rectangular solids, and other forms. Industries producing paving stones, roof tiles, or garden elements stand to benefit, utilizing waste in novel product applications.

    The project earned a gold medal at the international INOVA inventions exhibition in Croatia, highlighting the university’s commitment to innovation.

    This year, Lublin University of Technology researchers secured approximately 120 patents, a record in recent years, reflecting the institution’s innovative spirit. With over 185 agreements with industry partners and millions in revenue, the university continues to thrive.

    Currently educating around 7,100 students, including nearly 2,000 first-year students, Lublin University of Technology stands as a beacon of innovation in polymer research and sustainable material development.

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