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    Russian Propaganda Expected to Escalate Ahead of Polish General Election, Warns Security Official

    In the run-up to Poland’s general election scheduled for October, concerns are mounting over an anticipated surge in Russian disinformation and propaganda campaigns aimed at the country. A high-ranking security official has recently warned that the intensity of these efforts is likely to increase in the coming months.

    The Polish authorities have expressed their belief that the nation has become a primary target for Russian propaganda due to its steadfast support for Ukraine. As the election approaches, there are growing fears that Moscow will further escalate its disinformation activities to influence the political landscape in Poland.

    Stanislaw Zaryn, Poland’s Minister-Coordinator of Intelligence and Security Services took to the platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to sound the alarm. In his post, Zaryn cautioned, “Russian disinformation and propaganda efforts will probably intensify in the coming months. We should expect attempts to influence Poland during the election period.”

    The warning from Zaryn comes in response to statements made by Alexander Makushin, whom he has labelled as “another Russian propagandist.” Makushin’s rhetoric seemingly supports the threats made by Lukashenko and Putin against Poland, accusing the nation of pursuing imperial policies aimed at neighbouring countries.

    Moreover, Makushin has been repeating unfounded claims about alleged Polish plans to attack Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, further exacerbating tensions and spreading misinformation. 

    Poland’s election in October will be a critical moment for the country’s political future, and the authorities are determined to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process amid mounting external pressures from Russian propaganda machinery.

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