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    Safe Credit Program in Poland Expands with New Participants

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    The “Safe Credit” program in Poland gains momentum as more banks join, offering low-interest loans for housing. Over a thousand applications were registered in the first two days alone.

    Poland’s “Safe Credit” program, which provides low-interest loans for housing, has expanded its reach. Initially available in seven banks, including Alior Bank, Pekao, and PKO BP, the program recently welcomed the participation of Bank Spółdzielczy Rzemiosła in Krakow. According to Deputy Minister of Development Piotr Uściński, more banks are currently in the process of joining the program.

    Application Rush and Loan Details

    Since the launch, over a thousand applications have been submitted, overwhelming the participating banks. However, there is no rush to apply as no funding limits have been set for this year. The estimated annual number of applications is expected to range between 30,000 and 40,000.

    The “Safe Credit” program offers a 2% interest rate and is applicable for first homes or unfinished single-family houses. The loan limit is set at 500,000 PLN for individuals and 600,000 PLN for households with spouses or at least one child. For completing single-family house construction, the credit limit is 100,000 PLN for individuals and 150,000 PLN for families, with a maximum project value of 1 million PLN. A contribution of up to 200,000 PLN is required unless the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego guarantees the loan.

    Introducing Housing Savings Accounts

    In addition to the “Safe Credit” program, a new housing savings account system will be introduced. Eligible individuals between the ages of 13 and 45 can open these accounts, which guarantee a housing bonus from the state budget. Regular deposits (at least 11 per year, totaling a minimum of 500 PLN each) will earn an extra housing bonus equal to the annual inflation rate or the rate of change in the price per square meter of usable residential space. The more favorable index will be selected each year. Savings will accrue interest according to the bank’s offer, with the interest exempt from the tax commonly known as the “Belka tax.”

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