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    Sago the Belgian Shepherd Joins Sosnowiec Police Force

    Meet Sago, the latest recruit to join the ranks of the Sosnowiec police force. This 18-month-old Belgian Shepherd has just completed six months of specialized training in detecting narcotics by scent at the Police Dog Handling Unit in Sułkowice.

    During his training, Sago honed his abilities in detecting narcotics in various environments, including indoor spaces, vehicles, and outdoor terrain, under the careful guidance of his handler. His exceptional talent led him to excel in his final exams, earning commendation from his examiners.

    Partnership and Care

    Following training, each police dog is paired with a handler who takes on the responsibility of their care and well-being. In Sago’s case, his handler is Staff Sergeant Łukasz Maciaszczyk. Their bond is crucial as they embark on their duties together, ensuring Sago’s health and fitness.

    Typically, police dogs serve for up to nine years, often forming deep bonds with their handlers. Upon retirement, these loyal companions may find a permanent home with their former handlers, symbolizing the lasting impact of their partnership.

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