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    Saving Lives One Drop at a Time: UW’s Blood Donation Drive

    Students and staff at the University of Warsaw have rallied once again for their annual blood donation campaign, “Wampiriada.” For 17 years running, the event has seen enthusiastic participation, with the potential to save numerous lives. The initiative, stationed at UW’s Main Campus on Krakowskie Przedmieście, features a bloodmobile where willing donors can contribute. Each edition typically garners around 40 liters of blood, a testament to the community’s commitment to aiding those in need.

    Safety First: Rigorous Screening Process

    Julia Szymańczyk from the Independent Student Association emphasizes the paramount importance of safety protocols. Prospective donors undergo thorough examinations, starting with a preliminary form and hemoglobin testing. Subsequently, a medical interview conducted by a physician ensures donor eligibility. Only upon clearance does the donor proceed to the donation chair inside the bloodmobile, ensuring a secure and efficient process.

    The queue outside the bloodmobile began forming early in the morning, highlighting the dedication of individuals like Feliks, a first-year mathematics student, who prioritizes donation before his classes. For Wojtek, a third-year law student, the act of giving blood holds profound significance. Reflecting on the moment of donation, he underscores the tangible impact, knowing that his contribution could potentially save multiple lives.

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