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    Sawicki Criticizes Kosiniak and Hołownia for Lack of Independence: “If Third Way Doesn’t Assert Itself, It Should Dissolve!”

    The dismal result of the Third Way coalition in the European Parliament elections has triggered demands for changes within the governing coalition from independently-minded politicians of the group. Conservative politician Marek Sawicki from the Polish People’s Party (PSL) accused Third Way leaders Kosiniak-Kamysz and Hołownia of being subservient to Donald Tusk in an interview with Wirtualna Polska. “If Third Way doesn’t clearly assert that we have a coalition government, not a government of Donald Tusk, it should dissolve and forget about the project,” he stated bluntly.

    Disappointing Election Results

    In the European Parliament elections, the Third Way secured only 6.9 percent of the vote, translating to a mere three seats. Sawicki emphasized that unless Kosiniak-Kamysz and Hołownia “realize that they need to create an alternative to PO and PiS and clearly set Third Way’s goals in the government, the coalition won’t develop.”

    Call for a Shift in Strategy

    Sawicki, who has demonstrated his independence from Tusk and opposed certain government initiatives, proposed a strategy to restore the coalition’s autonomy, particularly its agrarian faction. “We need to change the concept of functioning in the government,” he reiterated. Sawicki stressed the importance of pursuing the coalition’s own programmatic goals and maintaining balance during policy negotiations.

    Potential Impact on Presidential Elections

    Sawicki warned that the Third Way’s poor performance could affect the upcoming presidential elections. He pointed out that Tusk favors a political duopoly, which is not advantageous for the Third Way. The senior politician’s question remains: Will the coalition’s leaders heed his advice and assert their independence?

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