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    Scientists from the Silesian University of Technology are working on a method of recycling problematic plastics

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    Polish researchers from the Silesian University of Technology are working on a nearly 100% effective method for recycling composite materials. The project, funded by the National Science Centre, aims to develop an innovative and environmentally friendly solution to dispose of problematic plastic waste and composite materials, which are currently either landfilled or incinerated.

    According to Professor Sebastian Werle, the head of the project, the proposed method of oxidising plastic waste allows for almost 100% conversion of plastic materials into a water solution in a relatively short time. The process does not use organic solvents, reducing the negative impact on the environment and the health of employees monitoring the process. Additionally, the use of water eliminates the risk of fire, which is always present in other thermal waste treatment methods.

    The proposed method is similar to incineration, in which organic matrix oxidation occurs. However, it does not generate the classical products of combustion, and the primary products are carboxylic acids and volatile fatty acids. The researchers are working on a way to extract valuable fibres from the waste materials, which can be reused to produce plastic materials or organic chemical compounds such as carboxylic acids or volatile fatty acids.

    The innovative method of oxidising plastic waste is a unique solution that addresses current environmental and social problems. The proposed method could help to reduce energy and environmental costs associated with plastic waste management worldwide. The team is also working on a multidimensional data analysis implementation to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the project.

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