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    Scramjet Cloud Platform: Pioneering AI Solutions Recognized at Developer Week 2024

    The Scramjet Cloud Platform, utilizing the robust infrastructure of OVHcloud, clinched the prestigious Devies Award in the Systems Integration category at the esteemed Developer Week 2024 event in San Francisco. This accolade underscores the ingenuity and efficacy of AI solutions pioneered and deployed by Polish enterprises across a spectrum of industries.

    The burgeoning adoption of AI tools among Polish businesses is evident, with findings from a joint study by EY Poland and Cube Research revealing that 20% of companies have completed AI integration, while an additional 42% are in progress. The driving force behind this surge lies in the desire to streamline internal operations (40%) and enhance customer interactions (34%).

    AI Revolution in AgriTech

    Polish companies primarily target AI applications in customer service (50%), sales (40%), and IT (37%). However, Scramjet demonstrates AI’s versatility, leveraging OVHcloud infrastructure to develop the Scramjet Cloud Platform (SCP). SCP’s adaptability shines across various industries, notably in agriculture, where it promotes inclusivity with automated sign language translation.

    In AgriTech, SCP transforms farming with seamless integration of drone data, eliminating manual retrieval. Real-time transmission to the cloud enables automated analysis, aiding precise crop forecasting and informed decisions.

    Alicja Grużdź, CTO at Scramjet, highlights the importance: “Drones provide vital insights, but manual methods delay analysis.” Integration with ERP systems enhances efficiency for AgriTech.

    Enhancing Accessibility

    Beyond farming, SCP aids communication in public institutions, translating sign language to video or text. This breakthrough saves time and streamlines processes for users and staff.

    Robert Paszkiewicz, CEE Region Head at OVHcloud, applauds the partnership: “Our infrastructure supports ventures like Scramjet in innovation.” Michał Czapracki, CEO at Scramjet, takes pride in the platform’s recognition and its positive reception in Silicon Valley.

    A Triumph in Innovation

    The Devies Award, bestowed upon SCP at the Developer Week 2024 gala, marks a significant milestone in the realm of technology and innovation. Recognizing excellence in design, engineering, and technological innovation, this accolade reaffirms the pivotal role of the Scramjet Cloud Platform in driving digital transformation across industries.

    As Scramjet embarks on its journey to establish a presence in the USA and collaborate with OVHcloud, these accolades serve as a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation, propelling it towards success in the global technological landscape.

    For more information on OVHcloud solutions, visit: OVHcloud.

    Explore the Scramjet platform further at: Scramjet Cloud Platform.


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