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    Security Official: Russia Employing Migrants to Wage War Against the West

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    Stanislaw Zaryn, Government Plenipotentiary for the Security of Information Space of the Republic of Poland, said in the statement released on Friday that a hybrid Russian operation that uses migration to target Poland continues.

    The Polish government has warned of a possible hybrid attack involving both Russia and Belarus, issuing a statement on Friday from Stanislaw Zaryn, the commissioner for information space security. Zaryn said the attackers were attempting to gain access to Poland’s networks through migration.

    “The attack on Poland, which has been carried out since 2021, shows the scale of challenges and threats facing the whole of Europe,”

    Zaryn wrote.

    “The Russians are deliberately using foreigners to weaken Western countries. The operation to destabilize Europe has been discussed many times by Russian military experts and strategists. The assessment is unequivocal – stimulated migration is an element of the hybrid war against the West,”

    he added.

    “The Russian military doctrine assumes the use of active means (another name for “non-military means” or hybrid methods) to attack the West. In order to realistically neutralize such attacks, one needs to understand the nature of Russia’s actions,”

    he wrote.

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