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    Serious Accident at Valvoline Rally Małopolski 2024 in Maków Podhalański

    During the Valvoline Rally Małopolski 2024 in Maków Podhalański, a rally car veered off the road and struck a tree. The driver was trapped and unconscious. A helicopter from the Air Rescue Service (LPR) was dispatched to transport the injured driver, as reported by the spokesperson for the Suski Fire Department.

    Driver and Co-Driver Status

    “The rally car driver was extricated from the vehicle using specialized firefighting tools. He was unconscious and handed over to the Air Rescue team. The co-driver managed to exit the vehicle on his own,” the spokesperson reported.

    Firefighters received the emergency call at 6:40 PM. Units securing the rally route were the first to arrive at the scene. The accident occurred in the challenging mountainous terrain on the slopes of Góra Makowska in the Western Beskids.

    The Valvoline Rally Małopolski 2024 is part of the Polish Rally Championships. The event, which started on Thursday, was set to conclude in Maków Podhalański.

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