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    Shooting in Prague: Over a Dozen Dead

    At least 15 people have lost their lives in a shooting incident that occurred in the center of Prague on Thursday. Several dozen others have been injured. The Czech police reported that the attacker has been “eliminated.”

    According to Vondraszek, the police, upon receiving information and confirming that the perpetrator was supposed to have business in one of the buildings of the Faculty of Philosophy at Prague University, went to the scene and evacuated the staff and students present. Later, reports of a shooting in another building of the Faculty were received. Vondraszek stated that at least 15 people had died, and the body of the perpetrator was found on the ledge of the building. The police chief did not specify whether the assailant was killed by police gunfire or had committed suicide, confirming only that the officers used official firearms.

    The perpetrator of the shooting had earlier, in his hometown near Prague, likely shot his father. Witnesses reported that he was heading to Prague to take his own life, said Czech Police Chief Martin Vondraszek on Thursday.

    According to the police, the assailant acted alone, had a permit to possess firearms, and was likely inspired by similar incidents abroad. Authorities are verifying information found on the perpetrator’s social media profiles.

    Interior Minister Vit Rakuszan ruled out any connection between the shooting at Charles University and international terrorism. He informed that he is in contact with the services of European Union member states.

    At least a dozen casualties

    The shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague, where at least 15 people have died, is according to the Minister of Interior the most serious incident of its kind in the history of the Czech Republic.

    Earlier, Prague emergency services reported ten fatalities in the shooting and approximately 25 injured, including nine in critical condition.

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