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    SKOK im. Unii Lubelskiej – 30 Years of Tradition and Modernity

    The Cooperative Savings and Credit Union named after the Union of Lublin, established as one of the first Credit Unions (SKOK) in Poland, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Since its foundation in 1994, the institution has seen remarkable growth, currently operating with 24 branches and two partner locations across five provinces. Serving over 26,000 members, the Union of Lublin Credit Union sets ethical standards and embraces a modern approach to financial services.

    Following the political changes in Poland after 1989, SKOK im. Unii Lubelskiej emerged as a response to the historical credit unions between the wars and similar financial institutions in the USA. Activists from “Solidarity” and collaboration with the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) paved the way for the development of cooperative savings and credit unions in Poland.

    Beata Maj, Vice President of the Board of SKOK im. Unii Lubelskiej, emphasizes the institution’s reliance on Polish capital and values such as honesty, mutual trust, the promotion of civic attitudes, and financial responsibility. Since its inception in 1994, the Credit Union has expanded its services, merging with other SKOKs, starting with the merger with SKOK UMCS in Lublin in 1994.

    Currently, SKOK Unii Lubelskiej not only continues traditional financial services like loans, credits, and deposits but also adapts to contemporary needs by offering modern financial solutions, including payment accounts. Customers have access to services both in traditional branches and through the eSKOK online platform and the mSKOK mobile application.

    Vice President Maj highlights that SKOK Unii Lubelskiej has always been involved in local communities, supporting various events and initiatives. This closeness allows every customer to feel at home, fostering strong membership ties.

    Awards, such as the second place in the competition for the best SKOK in 2010 or the “Meritorious for the Cooperative Movement” medal in 2018, confirm the high efficiency and dedication of the Union of Lublin Credit Union. The NEO ideology introduced in 2018 focuses on modernity, ethics, and responsibility, reflected in quick and transparent procedures, guaranteeing customers fair prices and no hidden costs.

    Today, SKOK Unii Lubelskiej is deeply rooted in local communities, operating in line with the highest financial supervision standards and the guarantees of the Bank Guarantee Fund. The 30th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on successes but also to look to the future, always guided by the values that have made the Union of Lublin Credit Union a resilient financial institution with a Polish character.


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