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    Social Resistance: Rybnik Residents Oppose Construction of New Biogas Plant in Niewiadom

    Residents of Niewiadom, a district of Rybnik, feel sidelined and disempowered. Local authorities have announced plans to construct a biogas plant in the area without seeking input from the community. Despite objections and expressions of discontent from residents, the city has chosen to forge ahead with the project, sparking outrage and raising questions about transparency and accountability.

    “The unpleasant odor can soar up to 1km”

    According to, “The city plans to build a facility for fermenting biodegradable waste. A biogas plant operates slightly differently, emitting no foul odor. In this case, we are talking about a biofermenter. We will ferment waste from everything we don’t eat, from slaughterhouses – everything that smells the most will be transported there. Such an unpleasant odor can soar up to 1 km in a straight line,” said Karol Szymura in September 2023.

    The decision to build the biogas plant in Niewiadom came abruptly after the city abandoned plans for a similar facility in Chwałowice. However, residents were not consulted or given a say in the matter, leading to frustration and disappointment among the community.

    Residents were left waiting for nearly 1.5 months for a response from city officials after initially posing questions about the project. The delayed response, received on February 27th, did little to address concerns as it confirmed the city’s intentions to proceed with the installation in Niewiadom.

    Despite mounting concerns, the municipal government has chosen to ignore the objections of residents. The lack of transparency surrounding the project’s funding and implementation has only deepened mistrust. While the city has applied for funding from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW), details regarding resource allocation and potential impacts on the community remain unclear.

    Residents Gather Thousands of Signatures Against Biogas Plant Construction

    In response to growing discontent, city officials have proposed organizing a study trip for local representatives to visit existing biogas plants in other cities. However, for many residents, this gesture comes too late, as the decision to proceed with the project has already been made without their input.

    Due to the complex and time-consuming administrative procedure, the biogas plant completion and commencement will likely not occur until 2028.

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