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    Soldier Fatally Shot: Court Rejects Prosecutor’s Request

    The suspect in the fatal shooting of a soldier during tactical exercises in Szczecin will not be placed in temporary custody, as the court did not grant the prosecutor’s request. According to Piotr Wieczorkiewicz, the spokesperson for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin, the prosecution plans to appeal this decision.

    Following the incident on Friday, two men faced charges. Wieczorkiewicz stated, “The collected evidence allowed us to charge one of them with unintentional causing of death, failure to provide assistance, and the crime of exposing others to immediate danger of loss of life, as well as poaching.”

    The second man was charged with failure to provide assistance and poaching. He was released under bail with police supervision.

    Soldier’s Death on the Training Ground

    Major Błażej Łukaszewski, spokesperson for the 12th Mechanized Division in Szczecin, reported in a statement that on Wednesday around 8:45 PM at the Tactical Training Ground Krzekowo, “an unfortunate accident occurred, caused by a third party, resulting in the death of a soldier from the 12th Mechanized Brigade.”

    The Polish Hunting Association (PZŁ) issued a statement on its website regarding the incident. According to Wacław Matysek, PZŁ’s press spokesperson, “the area where the incident occurred is within the administrative boundaries of the city of Szczecin and is not part of any hunting district.”

    “Moreover, the individuals detained during the proceedings did not engage in any hunting activities in this area. According to preliminary findings, the detainees are employees of a company involved in trapping and euthanizing wild boars in urban areas,” the spokesperson added.

    He further mentioned that the District Board of PZŁ in Szczecin submitted a request to the district disciplinary spokesperson to initiate disciplinary proceedings in this matter.”


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