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    Solidary Poland criticises EU ban on sale of combustion cars

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    The ban on the sale of combustion cars from 2035 means, among other things, a higher cost for compulsory car insurance. Solidary Poland party is against regulations that limit freedom and are costly, stressed Solidary Poland politicians Jacek Ozdoba and Anna Maria Siarkowska.

    The deputy climate minister pointed out that the SP “is not against electric cars, only against the introduction of such a ban or actually a rule that obliges a certain transformation”. 

    “Solidary Poland is firmly saying no to this type of regulation that limits freedom and is costly,” he said.

    The SP politicians cited a report published on Monday 13 February by the think tank Warsaw Enterprise Institute, dedicated to the problem of EU regulations on electric cars.

    “Electromobility is a very expensive utopia,” Siarkowska said, adding that “in the current situation we do not have enough at least rare earth metals, which are needed for the production of cars”.

    It recalled that EU targets include achieving climate neutrality by 2050 or reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 per cent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and that one of the measures to achieve them included in the Fit for 55 package is a ban on the marketing of new vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2035.

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