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    Sterczewski asked for proof of migrants dying at the border replies: ‘how will you prove to me that you exist?’

    According to Franciszek Sterczewski, a member of the Civic Coalition in the Polish parliament, around 50 migrants have already died at the Polish-Belarusian border. He was asked how he had gathered evidence for such macabre information. The politician responded that he didn’t have to prove anything and suggested that the questioning journalist should find the evidence himself if he wanted.

    As reported by, in one of his recent interviews, Member of Parliament Franciszek Sterczewski stated that there needs to be a change in the approach of the authorities towards migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border. He suggested that law enforcement officers should treat them like Ukrainians fleeing the war. He also argued that foreigners are still dying in eastern Poland. ‘We know about around 50 people and hundreds of missing individuals,’ he said.

    What about the evidence?

    It was high time to prove that. A reporter from TVP Info did that and asked the politician where he had got such information and whether he could support it with documents. ‘I don’t have to do that. (…) there are people at the border who find these bodies, there are doctors,’ Sterczewski replied. When asked if he could confirm it, he came up with a counter-question… in his own style.

    Then I would like to ask you if you have proof of your birth with you. I don’t know if you were born. How will you prove to me that you exist?‘ he retorted.

    The journalist replied that he could easily prove it by showing his ID card. After this, Sterczewski stated that he shouldn’t be the one providing evidence to support his claims; it should be the person asking the question.

    ‘I can also say that we have evidence; you can see all the information (…) please do some basic research, you are the journalist, not me, and please familiarize yourself with the topic you are discussing,’ he said.

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