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    Strengthening Polish-British Nuclear Cooperation

    The President of the Polish Atomic Energy Agency (PAA), Andrzej Głowacki, recently met with Jennifer Tyldesley, Economic Counsellor at the British Embassy, to discuss nuclear power plant licensing in Poland and furthering Polish-British cooperation. The meeting took place at the PAA headquarters.

    Pre-Licensing Dialogue

    President Głowacki highlighted the importance of pre-licensing dialogue, including the role of the PAA President’s general opinion. This tool allows for early-stage information exchange between investors and nuclear regulators. Through this non-mandatory but encouraged dialogue, investors can receive clarifications from regulators to assist in obtaining construction permits for nuclear facilities.

    British Support and Expertise

    Counsellor Tyldesley and President Głowacki also discussed ongoing regulatory cooperation between Poland and the UK. They explored the possibility of British experts supporting the PAA in preparing for the licensing process of Poland’s first nuclear power plant. The meeting on June 20 underscored the collaborative spirit between the two nations.

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