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    Students of the University of Rzeszów want to learn how to run a business, so they set up a brewery

    Students of the University of Rzeszów founded a brewery. They have been gathering knowledge about the beer brewing process, developed recipes, and in two months, the first batch of the golden liquor is to be ready. For now, they started with 20,000 bottles.

    “Brewed, because that’s the name of the brewery, is the idea of ​​students. First of all, out of passion for beer, but also for business.”,

    told PAP Dr. Daniel Broda, Supervisor of the “Browarników” scientific club.

    Students not only learn about the beer brewing process and develop recipes in the university laboratory, but also came up with the name and logo for their brewery and design labels. Now they are wondering where they could sell their beer and make money on it.

    “This is an interdisciplinary scientific circle. It brings together students of biology and biotechnology, food and nutrition technology, Polish studies and journalism, economics and finance, humanities, medicine, political science, materials engineering, management, marketing, law and art. Currently, 23 people belong to it, but anyone who wants to can join.”,

    encourages Dr. Broda.

    And although the Brewery Scientific Circle was officially established at the end of February, students were already interested in the production of craft beer.

    “I invited a friend from a company that sells equipment for home brewing to the class. Later, students began to participate in competitions for home brewers. And so the idea for a student brewery was born.”,

    says Dr. Daniel Broda about its beginnings.

    Students do not work alone. They have a partner, Inventur, which connects the world of business with science. They ordered the production of the first batch of beer from a contract brewery. They do not exclude that in the future they will invest in their own installation, for now they are renting it. Before placing the order, they conducted a market study, i.e. a survey among students. They asked them what beers they liked. Based on experience, consumer tests and in cooperation with professionals, they developed recipes. They also explored the secrets of beer brewing.

    “We have a 20 liter electric boiler. We select the raw materials, grind the malts, then carry out the mashing and brewing process. Then there is the stage of beer fermentation and maturation.”,

    explains the supervisor of the Brewery Club. He does not hide that there are also taste tests.

    The first beer of UR students will be ready for the May weekend. It will be two types of wheat beer and a classic lager and refreshing beer in the New England IPA style. At the beginning, 100 hectoliters of this drink will be produced, i.e. approx. 20,000. bottles. Students are still working on names. They want to sell their beer during juwenalia, in student clubs, they also talk to the owners of shops that sell craft beers.

    “They learn to manage a brewery. After graduation, knowing the basics of business, they will be able to start their own business. Not only related to brewing.”,

    adds Dr. Daniel Broda.

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