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    Stunning Stone Eggs Exhibition Unveiled at University of Białystok

    The University of Białystok’s Biology Department is currently hosting a captivating exhibition titled “Stone Eggs” until the end of June. Organized by the University Center for Natural Sciences, the display showcases a variety of eggs crafted from minerals such as Pakistani onyx, marble, and jasper.

    Dr. Anna Matwiejuk, director of the University Center for Natural Sciences, highlights the exquisite beauty of the eggs, particularly praising the Pakistani onyx egg with its striking striped pattern and the carnelian egg, boasting an orange-red hue from iron mineral infusion.

    Visitors can admire eggs made from rhodonite, displaying a pinkish tint, and “dragon’s blood” jasper featuring vivid red spots against a green backdrop. Other specimens include eggs crafted from rhyolite, aventurine, and serpentinite, each showcasing unique characteristics.

    Historical Significance

    The exhibition also features marble eggs, including those carved from black, golden, and Carrara white marble. Carrara marble, renowned since Etruscan times, has been used in masterpieces like Michelangelo’s Pietà and David sculptures.

    Accompanying the exhibition is a panel showcasing various precious and semi-precious stones, as well as a Mohs scale of mineral hardness, aiding in mineral identification.

    Don’t miss the chance to explore the “Stone Eggs” exhibition, open until June 28th at the University of Białystok.

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