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    Successes of Polish athletes at the World Pole Dance ART Championship in Italy

    The World Championship ART 2022 POSA Federation Pole Dance ART World Championships were held on 3-4.12.2022 in Italy. Polish athletes can boast of great success. 

    The contestants of the APPA Studio of Aerial Acrobatics club presented themselves at a very high level and worthily represented Poland and Bielsko-Biała at the World Championships 2022. 

    The girls won medals in the following categories 

    • Silver medal for Anna Polak & Gabriela Frączek – Senior Doubles Elite 
    • Gold medal for Maja Baranowska & Lena Rogowska – Junior Doubles Elite 
    • Gold medal for Aleksandra Glos & Marcelina Biłka – Junior Doubles Amateur 

    In the Solo Junior Elite category, great applause is due to Maja Baranowska and Lena Rogowska. The girls performed a full programme and presented themselves flawlessly, but narrowly missed the podium.

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