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    Successful 7th Panewniki Boar Run Sees Enthusiastic Participation in Katowice

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    On Sunday, July 30, 2023, the city of Katowice, Poland, played host to the thrilling 7th edition of the Panewniki Boar Run, known as the “Bieg Dzika” in Polish. Running enthusiasts and Nordic Walking enthusiasts alike gathered to take part in this exhilarating event. Participants faced the challenge of completing a demanding 4,882-meter loop, which they could conquer up to four times.

    The Panewniki Boar Run brought together people of all ages and backgrounds, showcasing the city’s vibrant sports community. Both the running race and the Nordic Walking march saw impressive participation, with individuals pushing their limits and celebrating a spirit of camaraderie.

    Embracing Active Lifestyles

    The event was not just about competition; it emphasized the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Participants and spectators alike were inspired by the dedication and passion displayed by the runners and Nordic walkers.

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