Successful Completion of Key Water and Recreational Investments in Łódź Province

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In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Infrastructure revealed the official conclusion of nearly PLN 50 million worth of investments in two significant water reservoirs in the Łódź Province. The ceremonies, attended by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Grzegorz Witkowski, marked the completion of vital projects at Lake Jeziorsko and the creation of a new recreational area at Zalew Sulejowski.

Modernized Dam Enhances Flood Protection

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Lake Jeziorsko, the largest water reservoir in the Łódź Province, underwent a comprehensive renovation to upgrade its spillway dam. The collaboration between the State Water Holding Wody Polskie and the Łódź Voivodeship Marshal’s Office resulted in enhanced flood protection for the central Warta Valley.

New Recreational Area at Zalew Sulejowski

In Smardzewice, cooperation between the Tomaszów Mazowiecki Municipality and State Water Holding Wody Polskie led to the creation of a new recreational and leisure area at Zalew Sulejowski.

Infrastructure Boosts Tourism and Recreation

The first phase involved constructing tourist and recreational infrastructure, including sanitary facilities, sandy and grassy beaches, playgrounds, an outdoor gym, a beach volleyball court, and a summer outdoor stage. Additionally, paved pathways and squares were developed.

Road Expansion for Easy Access

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The second phase extended Klonowa Street, ensuring smooth access to the new recreational area at Zalew Sulejowski from the intersection with county road No. 4327E.

Waterfront Development and Pier Renovation

In the third phase, the waterfront was expanded, incorporating safety structures, drainage systems, pedestrian pathways, and lighting. Protective barriers, visual monitoring, and the reconstruction of the pier were also part of the project.

The total cost of the “Development of Tourist Economy Based on Landscape Values for Tourist-Recreational Area Management at Zalew Sulejowski in Smardzewice” project was PLN 24.5 million, with State Water Holding Wody Polskie contributing PLN 8.1 million.

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