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    Successful Crackdown on Illegal Arms Trade in Poland

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    In a meticulous operation, the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Polish Police (CBŚP) dismantled a major illegal firearms trafficking route across Poland. Over two days of relentless work, officers seized 36 units of weaponry, including handguns, rifles, and submachine guns. The hidden arsenal, valued at tens of thousands of euros, was discovered in various locations, including a car trunk, a residence, and specially constructed hiding spots in wooded areas.

    The crackdown, led by the Wrocław branch of the CBŚP, involved months of intensive efforts to eradicate the trafficking network. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies from several European Union countries, the police aimed to prevent the weapons from falling into the hands of organized crime groups.

    The operation began in Lower Silesia, where officers apprehended an individual arriving from the Czech Republic. The search of the suspect’s car revealed 20 bolt carriers for UZI submachine guns. Further investigation led to the discovery of additional firearm components and ammunition stockpiles in the suspect’s home, outbuildings, and concealed locations in the forest.

    In total, the authorities seized two pistols, two revolvers, 14 rifles and machine guns, 18 submachine guns of various makes, 186 crucial firearm components, including barrels, bolts, bolt carriers, and frames, and 17,500 rounds of ammunition of different calibers. The estimated black-market value of each weapon ranges from a thousand to two thousand euros.

    The arrested individual faces charges of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition without the required permits. Such offenses carry a potential prison sentence of up to eight years. The suspect has been placed in temporary custody pending further developments.

    The case is evolving, with law enforcement agencies indicating that the dismantled arms trafficking network may have broader implications. The Dolnośląski Branch of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office is overseeing the investigation.

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