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    Successful Drug Lab Bust: Police Seize Narcotics Worth $1.7 Million

    In a significant operation, the Polish Central Bureau of Investigation dismantled a drug laboratory, confiscating equipment for narcotics production and securing a liquid capable of producing 115 kg of cathinones, valued at approximately $1.7 million. The operation also yielded 8 kg of crystallized drugs and 1220 liters of precursors worth $27,000. Two individuals have been arrested, facing charges related to substantial psychotropic substance manufacturing.

    Laboratory Raid Unveils Narcotics Production
    Polish law enforcement, acting on intelligence, uncovered a narcotics production facility in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. The raid took place on private property in the Kłodawa municipality, revealing an active synthesis of cathinones within a barn.

    Substantial Drug Seizure
    During the operation, authorities seized two complete production lines, chemicals, reagents, and narcotic precursors. Two reactors containing 460 liters of liquid, capable of producing 115 kg of cathinones, were secured. Additionally, nearly 8 kg of packaged 4-CMC ready for distribution were confiscated, totaling a drug value of around $1.7 million.

    Precursor Haul and Arrests
    Law enforcement also confiscated 1220 liters of precursors, including hydrochloric acid and ethers, valued at $27,000. Two individuals were arrested and charged with manufacturing substantial amounts of psychotropic substances, leading to a three-month temporary arrest on the prosecutor’s request.

    Ongoing Investigation
    The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin is overseeing the ongoing investigation, which is considered expansive. Authorities do not rule out further arrests as the case progresses.

    The successful operation by Polish authorities highlights their commitment to combating illegal drug production, contributing to public safety and dismantling criminal networks.

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