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    Swedish Glogg: A New Wine Trend Emerges on Polish Tables

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    As the Polish alcoholic beverage market evolves, consumer preferences shift towards lesser-known options. One such trend gaining traction is Swedish glogg, a red mulled wine particularly popular during autumn and winter, especially around Christmas.

    A Nordic Tradition in Polish Cups

    Originating from Sweden, glogg is a cherished beverage across Scandinavia. Prepared with sweet red wine, honey, spices (cinnamon, ginger), and orange peel, the tradition of drinking glogg dates back to the Middle Ages.

    Diverse Offerings and Consumer Choices

    Similar to Polish mulled wine (grzaniec), glogg can be homemade or conveniently purchased in stores. While traditional glogg appeals to older consumers, those seeking more adventurous options opt for rum-based variations, suitable as cocktail bases, attracting wine connoisseurs.

    Glogg’s Success in the Polish Market

    Adrian Skutela, B2B/B2C Customer Advisor at TiM S.A., notes the positive reception of glogg in Poland. Its sales surpass competing mulled beverages, particularly during the festive season, with growing demand for glogg in holiday gift sets.

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