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    Swiatek Retires Injured, Ending Quarter-Final Clash Against Rybakina at WTA Rome Tournament

    In a hard-fought quarter-final match at the WTA tournament in Rome, Iga Swiatek’s fortunes took a turn for the worse against Elena Rybakina due to a right thigh injury. Swiatek, the world-ranking leader, made the difficult decision to retire in the fourth game of the third set.

    The match between the two players was delayed by an hour and a half due to persistent rain that had plagued the tournament, causing inconvenience for organizers, fans, and the players themselves.

    Swiatek started strongly, winning the first set 6-2. However, the scoreline alone did not fully capture the intensity of each game. Every point was fiercely contested, often reaching deuce, and Swiatek emerged victorious by capitalizing on crucial moments and displaying exceptional consistency in her game. She impressively dominated her opponent through well-executed serves and precise ball reception, securing the set victory in just 45 minutes.

    Notably, an amusing incident occurred during the set when the match had to be momentarily halted due to a ringing phone. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Swiatek’s own phone, which she promptly returned to her coach, apologizing for the interruption.

    The second set began with Swiatek gaining an early advantage, earning four break points and confidently winning her service game. However, Rybakina gradually unleashed her powerful weapon, the serve, mounting a strong comeback. Swiatek maintained her lead, but Rybakina’s determination grew, causing her to become increasingly threatening. Swiatek committed a few unforced errors, allowing Rybakina to break her serve for the first time in the match, leading to a 4-4 tie. Eventually, a tie-break was needed to determine the set winner, with Rybakina displaying composure to claim a 7-6(3) victory.

    Swiatek’s Title Defense Halted as Injury Forces Retirement in the Third Set

    Adding to Swiatek’s troubles, she experienced pain in her right thigh towards the end of the second set, grimacing in discomfort. Despite finishing the set, she subsequently sought treatment in the locker room, where her thigh was bandaged.

    Swiatek returned to the court with her thigh securely bandaged, but after 18 minutes of play in the third set, she made the unfortunate decision to retire due to her injury, with the score standing at 6-2, 6-7(3), 2-2. Consequently, Swiatek will not have the opportunity to defend her title as the champion of the Italian courts. However, the priority now lies in assessing and addressing the state of her health.

    Iga Swiatek – Jelena Rybakina 6-2, 6-7(3), 2-2 (retired)

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