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    Tensions Flare as Russia Summons Polish Diplomat in Response to School Takeover in Warsaw

    According to recent reports from Russian media, the Russian Foreign Ministry has taken action by summoning Poland’s charge d’affaires to protest against the seizure of a Russian school in Warsaw by Polish authorities. The school takeover has sparked tensions between Russia and Poland, with the Russian government denouncing the move as a violation of the rights of Russian speakers in Poland.

    Polish foreign ministry confirms Russia’s protest over Warsaw school takeover

    The Polish Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Łukasz Jasina, has verified the information regarding the Russian government’s protest over the takeover of a Russian school in Warsaw. In response to inquiries from PAP, Jasina confirmed that the Polish authorities were aware of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s actions in summoning the Polish charge d’affaires.

    Jacek Śladewski, who was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow on Tuesday, did not reveal any information after a 20-minute meeting, Reuters added.

    After being summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow on Tuesday, Jacek Śladewski did not disclose any details regarding the meeting, which lasted for 20 minutes. According to Reuters, Śladewski remained tight-lipped about the discussion, leaving the outcome of the meeting unclear.

    “On May 2, Polish charge d’affaires in Russia Jacek Sladewski was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry and given a strong protest over the seizure of the school at the Russian embassy in Poland,”

    the Russian Foreign Ministry said quoted by Russian Press Agency – TASS.

    ‘Illegal Occupation’ Ended

    Following a court ruling, the Warsaw City Hall took control of the Russian secondary school building on April 29th. According to statements from both the Polish government and Warsaw authorities, the Russian embassy in Poland had illegally occupied the building, which did not have diplomatic status, as confirmed by Jasina.

    According to Jasina, the Polish Foreign Ministry spokesperson, the seizure of the Russian secondary school building in Warsaw was carried out through the cooperation of the Foreign Ministry and the Capital City of Warsaw. Based on a court ruling that granted the Polish state ownership rights to the building, a bailiff take-over was initiated. The building had been illegally occupied by the Russian embassy for years, as Jasina informed PAP (Polish Press Agency) on Saturday. 

    Russian envoy hints at ‘complete breakdown’ in Poland relations if Warsaw misbehaves

    Russian Ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreev, has indicated that a complete breakdown in diplomatic relations with Warsaw may be a possibility. During an appearance on the Solovyov LIVE TV channel on Wednesday, Andreev responded in the affirmative when asked whether Russian diplomats in Poland were prepared to leave the embassy at any time. 

    The ambassador stated that he and his colleagues had been ready for such an eventuality for some time and that they would deal with any hostile actions from their Polish hosts in a calm, professional manner. Andreev added that the Russian diplomatic mission in Poland would be guided solely by the interests of Moscow and would avoid any emotional excesses.

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