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    The Battle of Legends: Pudzianowski vs. Szpilka Set to Take Place at KSW Colloseum 2

    KSW Colloseum 2, which will take place on June 3rd, 2023, promises to be one of the most important events in the history of Polish MMA. The most anticipated fight of the evening is the bout between two Polish legends of combat sports – Mariusz Pudzianowski and Artur Szpilka.

    Mariusz Pudzianowski is a five-time Strongman world champion and one of the biggest stars of KSW. Since 2009, he has been associated with the well-known MMA organization in Poland, and since then he has fought in 21 bouts, winning 14 of them. Pudzianowski is an incredibly strong and durable athlete, but his technique leaves much to be desired.

    Artur Szpilka is a former Polish professional boxing champion who decided to switch to MMA in 2019. In his boxing career, he fought in 24 bouts, winning 22 of them. Szpilka is a fighter with a lot of punching power and speed, but he often makes tactical mistakes, which can end up being unfavorable for him in an MMA fight.

    The Pudzianowski vs. Szpilka bout promises to be incredibly exciting. Both fighters are tough and never give up, even in the most difficult situations. Mariusz Pudzianowski has an advantage in physical strength, but Artur Szpilka can use his boxing skills to win the fight. Fans will certainly be watching every minute of the bout with bated breath.

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