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    The Best European Show Premieres Internationally in Opole on October 13th

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    This Friday, a groundbreaking theatrical event, “The Best European Show,” produced by five theaters from various European nations, will premiere in Opole, Poland. The production involves artists from eight different countries and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness it in Opole before embarking on a European tour following its Polish debut.

    In recent years, Opole’s theater scene has become a focal point for major cultural events in Poland. The city hosted representatives from theaters in 50 European countries during the European Theatre Conference (ETC) in May. On September 22nd, Opole’s Jana Kochanowski Theatre showcased the Polish-Spanish co-production “I’m Nowhere / Znikanie,” directed by Norbert Rakowski. Now, “The Best European Show” by Haris Pašović is set to captivate audiences.

    This production transcends borders, uniting artists from different nationalities, cultures, and theatrical traditions. It involves Fondazione Teatro Due Parma (Italy), Kosovo National Theatre (Kosovo), Teatru Malta (Malta), Narodowy Teatr – SNG Nova Gorica (Slovenia), with Teatr im. Jana Kochanowskiego in Opole as the executive co-producer. The premiere weekend is scheduled for October 13th, 14th, and 15th at Opole’s Jana Kochanowski Theatre.

    Director Haris Pašović aims to use this co-production to delve into questions about European theater’s essence, contemporary Europe, and the responsibilities of public theaters in the art they create. “The Best European Show” presents a satirical-comedic narrative about modern Europe and its theater. It revolves around an international jury tasked with selecting the winner of the inaugural European Theatre Festival, modeled after the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the task proves more challenging than expected, as politics, personal ambitions, love affairs, and bold artistic visions intertwine during the final night, leading to high stakes and growing pressure.

    “The Best European Show” isn’t merely entertaining; it focuses on crucial aspects of contemporary Europe. With its multinational cast and themes, it sparks discussions about the essence of European theater, the complexity of modern Europe, and a sense of European identity.

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