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    The Convention of Sovereign Poland in Warsaw

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    The convention of the Solidary Poland party took place on Wednesday in Warsaw, with the party announcing a name change to Sovereign Poland. The highlight of the event was the unveiling of a promotional video showcasing the new party name.

    During his speech, Deputy Minister of Justice, Michał Woś, emphasized that Poland is a great, shared heritage of all its citizens, encompassing language, culture, and history. He praised the efforts of Poland’s ancestors who built a Republic based on freedom and equality. Woś also claimed that Eurocrats are plotting to attack Polish forests, the management of which is essential to maintain Poland’s sovereignty.

    Everything has been focused around sovereignty since the German government in its official documents indicated that their goal is to establish a single European state, i.e. the liquidation of nation states. Since then, the centralization processes in the European Union have accelerated significantly and so have the documents that aim at this goal, as well as the legal framework

    he said.

    He reminded attendees that an attempt was made in 2014 to amend the constitution to allow the sale of Polish forests, which he attributes to German collaborators of the Civic Platform party. Woś declared that Sovereign Poland is committed to protecting Poland’s forests and preventing their sale.

    The Fit for 55 package

    The politician also mentioned the controversial Fit for 55 package, which many experts believe will lead to an economic catastrophe. He accused Polish opposition politicians of supporting these plans, along with Eurocrats, and declared that Poland and its citizens should not have to bear the cost of ideological madness. He stated that Sovereign Poland will defend Polish forests and prevent their sale at all costs.

    “When it entered the European Union, it entered an organization that assumed tolerance for otherness, cultural diversity, heritage, and tradition.”, the Head of Sovereign Poland, Zbigniew Ziobro said.

    “Eurocrats want to be rebuilt under the EU into a single state with a single foreign policy, currency, common army and taxes. Everything is to be achieved with absolute recognition of the supremacy of European treaties and European law over the Polish constitution.”,

    Ziobro noted.

    “We want to rule our own country. Because with the great effort of generations of Poles, we won freedom. And we won’t give her up.”,

    he added.

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