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    The Fountain of Jas Rybak in Sopot: a symbol of maritime heritage celebrates another anniversary

    The Fountain of Jas Rybak, located near the lower part of the promenade in the city of Sopot on Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, was unveiled on April 5, 1998.

    It was designed by the architect Bruno Wandtke and sculptor Stanisław Szwechowicz. The centerpiece of the fountain is a replica of a 240 cm tall sculpture depicting a young man with a basket of fish on his head. The original sculpture, of unknown authorship, over a century old, used to stand in one of the gardens in Sopot on Dworcowa Street until 1998.

    In 2010, due to the reconstruction of the Przyjaciel Sopotu Square, the sculpture and fountain were dismantled and stored. After the renovation of the square between Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street and gen. Kazimierz Pułaski Street, in 2014, the sculpture was placed again with a new fountain.

    Today, in 2023, we celebrate another anniversary of the unveiling of the Fountain of Jas Rybak, which is one of the symbols of Sopot and a popular meeting place for residents and tourists. The sculpture of the young man with a basket of fish on his head attracts attention with its beautiful craftsmanship and historical context.

    The fountain is an important element of the city’s landscape and is often photographed by tourists visiting Sopot. The original replica of the sculpture moved to the City Council Chamber, and remains a valuable local cultural heritage. The Fountain of Jas Rybak continues to be of great interest and is one of the characteristic features of Sopot’s urban landscape. Thanks to renovations and conservation efforts, it remains a beautiful example of outdoor art and an important landmark in the history of Sopot.

    On the occasion of another anniversary of its unveiling, residents and tourists remember its rich history and admire its unique charm. The Fountain of Jas Rybak remains one of the iconic symbols of the city, reminding us of its long-standing tradition associated with fishing and the maritime atmosphere.


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